C Free allows you to truly understand your carbon footprint, learn how to reduce it, and offset the rest!

Why we started C Free

Have you ever felt like there’s a crisis coming and there’s very little you can do to help? We were right there with you.

We started C Free because we wanted to do something to help solve the climate crisis. We want to open up a positive dialogue around climate solutions, one of action and impact; one that is necessary to make change happen.

It starts with understanding the issue; Calculate your footprint and understand the impact your footprint has on the planet. Reduce where you can by making changes to your lifestyle. Offset the unavoidable emissions by funding projects that need your help.

How we help you with your footprint

Our mission is simple:

- Calculate and break down your carbon footprint so you can understand the effect you have on the planet.

- Use this information to advise you on the most effective way to reduce that footprint, and

- Enable you to support projects that make the world a better place in order to offset the emissions you can’t reduce.

How we can make a difference

The lifestyle most of us lead is intoxicating. The prospect of giving up your summer holiday, or your christmas dinner is not a pleasant one. That’s where we can work together.

You reduce as much as you can, and then we can support these amazing projects to offset the rest of your footprint, and make the world a more ethical place. All the projects we support are a two for one; they prevent harmful emissions, and they support local communities.

We don’t have to just sit and wait for the inevitable. Together we can do this!

The Team

C Free was started by Eddie Fitzgerald-Barron (left) and Adam Forster (right). We have been friends since primary school.

We were frustrated for a very long time about being complicit in a system that was destroying our planet and yet at the same time, we saw no alternative. Governments have been slow to act and major corporations only respond to the bottom line.

After researching how we could make a difference, we stumbled across carbon offsetting; a system in place to incentivise green projects by allowing them to sell the credits (1 credit is equivalent to taking 1 tonne of CO2e out of the atmosphere). This system has operated primarily business to business for years. But we wanted to help people offset their emissions too!

We found that we work perfectly together. Not only have we been best mates for the majority of our lives, we have completely different skill sets. Eddie went to business school in Newcastle and completed a masters in Design-led Innovation. Adam is completing his PhD in theoretical particle physics and data science at Southampton University. So, Eddie handles the frontend and business side of things while Adam handles the backend, the server, and all the grizzly bits underneath.

We set up in our kitchen, and got to work on building our calculator and website, here we are a year later with our (almost) finished product!

Want to know even more about us and how we startd C Free? Check out Meet the Founders Blog!

Stay safe out there and keep reducing your impact

Eddie and Adam xx