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Climate solutions don't have to be complicated or cost the Earth


“We are excited to be working with C Free on reducing our carbon footprint, they have been incredibly easy to work with, from initial discussions to the technical elements of installing the tree planting widget on the back end of our website. It is great to be working with such a passionate company on such an important issue and we look forward to the partnership growing in the future.”

- Simon Way | Co-Founder | Votch

"At Serious Tissues we are all about having products that fulfil our everyday needs harming the environment as least as possible, being carbon neutral is really important for us. Working with the C Free team was great, we share company values and they made the process of going through the product/company assessment user friendly (easy to follow when compared to the industry) while having a pragmatic approach to the calculations."

- Anne Kuhsiek | Director | Serious Tissues

"Working with C Free is pivotal in assuring we are able to satisfy our sustainability goals. Their helpful team was able to supply us with customised code that responds to our different products so we can continue to plant trees. The world needs more companies like C Free!"

- Nial Parkash | Co-Founder | noukk Furniture

Business Offsetting

Want a Carbon Neutral Workforce? Or perhaps you want your whole business to go Carbon Neutral?

We help you calculate your carbon footprint, reduce your emissions, and offset unavoidable emissions.

Learn more about Going Carbon Neutral with C Free!

Photo credit: Eden Reforestation Projects

Tree Planting

Plant a tree per order, plant a tree per item sold, plant a tree for every meeting you have... the opportunities are endless. And for only 20p per tree!

Find out how your business can start planting trees with C Free.

Business Partners

We love working with businesses to help their sustainabilty strategy. Here are a few of the businesses that trust us to take care of their carbon management plan.

If you are looking for sustainable businesses to buy from, here is a great lace to start!


River Coffee

River Coffee

They make fantastic coffee!

We plant a tree for every order and we are in the process of calculating their carbon footprint.

Carnival Coffee

Carnival Coffee

Looking for coffee that is delivered by bike?

We plant a tree for every order and we are in the process of calculating their carbon footprint.

Old Spike

Old Spike

Local coffee roasters with a focus on social good.

We're doing a full carbon footprint calculation so we can make them carbon neutral.


Red Cat Brewery

Red Cat Brewing

If you're looking for great beer, start here.

We love their beer and we plant a tree for every order.

Peckham Cellars

Peckham Cellars

Looking for wine? Look no further!

We plant a tree for every order and offset their local delivery van better know as Vanny DaVino



Villages is a local Brewery started by two brothers.

We're kicking things off by planting trees for every order!




Sustainable fashion brand!

We plant a tree for every order and we are in the process of calculating their carbon footprint!



Cruelty free watches and accessories, super stylish products using the latest material innovations.

We plant a tree for every order.

Kind Kompany

Kind Kompany

A fashion brand based on kindess

We plant a tree for every online order




dxw are one of our carbon neutral businesses!

We worked alongside their internal team, helping them calculate and offset their emissions.

Serious Tissues

Serious Tissues

Serious Tissues already plant a tree for every roll.

We calculated their carbon footprint and gave them a carbon neutral status!


noukk Furniture

We plant 5 trees for every work from home desk and 1 tree for every laptop stand that they make.

Box Clad

Box Clad

Checkout their beautiful pods!

We plant 50 trees per small pod, 100 trees per medium pod, and 150 trees per large pod.

Fill in some contact details and a short message and we'll be sure to be in touch!