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Review From Our Users


"We are excited to be working with C Free on reducing our carbon footprint, they have been incredibly easy to work with, from initial discussions to the technical elements of installing the tree planting widget on the back end of our website. It is great to be working with such a passionate company on such an important issue and we look forward to the partnership growing in the future."

Votch Logo Simon, — Co-Founder

Serious Tissues

"At Serious Tissues we are all about having products that fulfil our everyday needs harming the environment as least as possible, being carbon neutral is really important for us. Working with the C Free team was great, we share company values and they made the process of going through the product/company assessment user friendly (easy to follow when compared to the industry) while having a pragmatic approach to the calculations."

Serious Soap Logo Anne, — Director

noukk Furinture

"Working with C Free is pivotal in assuring we are able to satisfy our sustainability goals. Their helpful team was able to supply us with customised code that responds to our different products so we can continue to plant trees. The world needs more companies like C Free."

Noukk logo Nial, — Co-Founder


"C Free helped us demystify the options for carbon offsetting along with other projects. Their lifestyle survey was easy to complete and we are now proud to be able to say we have a carbon neutral workforce."

okoHaus logo John, — Co-Founder

Carnival Coffee

"We are so lucky to have found C Free who have shared so much of their wonderful expertise with us. They have helped us navigate calculations and systems to understand our impact on the environment in all of our business practises from transporting coffee - to roasting it- to getting it to cafes and people's homes. Their wonderful set up has helped us create a base for future planning and how we can reduce our impact and set targets to be better in all that we do. They have totally demystified the process and been super fun to work with along the way. We already highly recommend them to anyone we get a chance to!"

Carnival coffee Logo Jayne, — Co-Founder

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